Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 L)

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Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 L)

Product Details:

  • Imported olive oil
  • First cold pressing
  • Maximum of 0.5% acidity
  • Bottled and packed in Italy under Italian regulatory controls



Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 L)

Product Description:

Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicious and useful kitchen staple. This olive oil has a fresh, clean, and rich flavor to it.

Where is Member’s Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil from?

This is imported high-quality olive oil. Not only are the oils used produced in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, and Spain, it's all bottled up and packaged in Italy. Everything follows strict Italian regulatory controls so that you know you are getting a great bottle of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is different from those just labeled as olive oil because it is the first cold pressing. The flavor is a nice balance between rich and light. There is a maximum of 0.5% acidity in this bottle.

Uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy way to cook up food, so use it to scramble eggs, sauté vegetables, and more. Because it tastes wonderful on its own, use it as a dip for fresh bread. Sprinkle on some sea salt for additional flavor. Extra virgin olive oil can also be drizzled over items like mozzarella, salads, roasted potatoes, and soups. If you really want to get creative with it, pair it with sweet desserts such as a smooth panna cotta, or use it to bake an olive oil cake. It can even be used to make olive oil ice cream.

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