Religious Education for Jamaica Book 3 Stewardship by Michael Keene, Catherine House, Dawn James, Dennis McKoy & Grace Peart

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Religious Education for Jamaica Book 3 Stewardship

Religious Education for Jamiaca is a new course written specifically for students in Jamaica. Matching the themes of Identity, Worship and Stewardship in the syllabus at grade 7-9, the course helps students develop the releant knowledge, skills and attitudes. A student's book and supporting teacher's guide for each grade provide Jamaican, Caribbean and broader contexts to help students understand the role of religion is today's world and how this can help them to develop civic virtues and moral values and become responsible citizens in society.

Material in the stdent's books is presented in discrete double page spreads with exercises, activities and projects throughout to provide opportunities to become fully engaged in this most vital of subject areas. the unique Reflections feature encourages students to express their own personal thoughts in journal form.


Religious Education for Jamaica Book 3 Stewardship

Key features of the course:

  • Objective and summaries: an outline of key themes at the beginning and end of each unit.
  • Key concepts: every concept from the syllasbus defined and used in context.
  • Ask Yourself: usually for indivisual work, for students to test their understanding of text.
  • Things to do: practical activities, often involving group work.
  • Projects: longer-term activities to introduce students to the more sustained work that they will meet in the SBA at CSEC level.
  • Case Studies: short examples, with questions, drawn from real life situations to illustrate the text.
  • Reflections: a journal based activity providing the opportunity for students to articulate their own personal thoughts about issues arising from the course.
  • What have you learned?: sets of questions at the end of units to test progress.
  • Glossary of key concepts and other important terms.
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