Samsung NX52T3310LV/AP 5.2 Cu. Ft. 6 Burner Gas Stove with Tripe Power Burner

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Samsung NX52T3310LV/AP 5.2 Cu. Ft. 6 Burner Gas Stove with Tripe Power Burner

Product Features & Specifications:

  • Freestanding Type
  • Thermal Captivity Type
  • Control type (oven): Electric start (2 steps)
  • Control type (stove): Electric start (2 steps)
  • Door type: Normal (Transparent)
  • Kitchen timer: No
  • Hidden bake element: Yes
  • Interior Light (Position): 25W x 1
  • Light (Lamp) On / Off: Yes
  • Type: GAS (LP)
  • Stove frame: STSS
  • Burner number: 6 EA
  • Total power: 46.6K BTU
  • Burner 1: 9.6K BTU
  • Burner 2: 9.6K BTU
  • Burner 3: 9.6K BTU
  • Burner 4: 6.0K BTU
  • Burner 5: 6.0K BTU
  • Burner 6: 6.0K BTU
  • Burner cap: Yes
  • Sealed burner: Yes
  • Grate: Cast Iron 3 pieces
  • Furnace Element: 14.7K BTU
  • Roast Element: No

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Net (WxHxD): 767mm x 939mm x 675mm
  • Gross (WxHxD): 805mm x 980mm x 710mm
  • Net weight: 55 Kgs.
  • Gross weight: 62 kg


  • 5 Rack Positions
  • 1 x Oven Rack
  • 1x Wire Rack
  • Anti-tip device: No

Samsung NX52T3310LV/AP 5.2 Cu. Ft. 6 Burner Gas Stove with Tripe Power Burner

Cook faster and more energy-efficient - Triple Power Burner

Cook quickly and efficiently with a Rapido burner, which allows for faster cooking and easily adjustable temperature control. With just the turn of a dial, you can quickly go from high temperature to low temperature. Or climb all the way to boil water and cook food with amazing speed and energy efficiency.

Cook a lot more in a bigger oven - Large capacity (5.2 cu ft)

Create many more or much larger plates with a whopping 5.2 cubic feet. oven capacity. You can prepare multiple dishes on different levels, such as vegetables, cakes, or stews. Or it can accommodate large items, such as a large roast or holiday turkey. And it's easier to reach and clean the interior.

Cook more conveniently and safely - Large cooking area

Enjoy the flexibility of cooking different dishes of different sizes at the same time. The wide rack design of the wide cooking zone * means you can use much larger plates and a wider variety of cookware. Its thick cast iron grates also provide greater stability, so there is less risk of pots and pans tipping over.

Rapid gas leak detection and protection - Double security lock

Cook without worrying about the risk of dangerous gas leaks. A double safety shut-off system has a 2-layer valve that prevents gas from accidentally leaking into the oven or onto the stove. And a thermocouple sensor quickly detects if the oven pilot light is off and closes the gas supply valve.

Easy to clean and scratch-resistant interior

Clean after cooking is much easier. The smooth surface of the oven cavity enamel liner is easy to keep clean as any mess can be quickly cleaned without scrubbing. It is also very resistant to marks and oxidation and helps prevent the spread of bacteria. And it won't fade over time.

Check and change plates effortlessly - Automatic sliding rack

Put food in and out much more easily and safely. When you open the oven door, the automatic sliding rack automatically slides smoothly and completely, without having to pull it out. It means you can conveniently add or remove dishes, and drizzle, flip, and season your food with less effort.

Prevents injuries from oven tipping - Anti-tip technology

Reduce the risk of the oven tipping over if an adult steps on or a child sits on the open door. A counterweight weight balances the door when opened and can support a weight of up to 30 kg. Therefore, you minimize the possibility of injury from spilled hot food and liquids or from the stove.

Elegant and robust design - Modern and robust design

Give your home a boost of flawless, long-lasting style with a modern, robust design that blends in harmoniously with your kitchen. Strong and durable cast-iron grates have an attractive hexagonal shape. And the door mirror finish and flat handle create a sophisticated, minimal look.

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