Our Customers Speak

Our testimonials are real so we don't dress them up. We deliver them as they are received. Excuse any typos and grammatical errors, our customers were 'clicktastic' when they wrote them.


Tanisha Dennis

My overall experience with Clickmarketonline was a very good. I got constant follow up on my purchases and someone was always there to answer my questions in regard to product information, purchasing and delivery.  

Annessa Brown

Shopping on Clickmarketonline was my very first online shopping experience. Surprisingly it was very easy. I especially liked the fact that I had an online contact person that I could interact with. I got instant feedback and answers to my questions. I also like the fact that they recognized my name the first time I made contact by telephone. That experience made me feel like I was talking to friends. Free delivery in two days made it a real local shopping experience.

Alaine Geddes


My #1 online store. Big up Toya for always getting things done for me.

Carey Wanliss


Best online market I ever used, reasonable prices, excellent customer service and fast delivery

Shashane Wallace

Placed my order and shipment was fast. Only two days. The product also cost list than those in stores. Keep up the good work and keep adding categories. Looking out for baby items. If you got what I want, you'll have a very loyal customer.

LaVonne N. Miller

I placed my order on Friday and I was so surprised to have receive it on Monday, still can't believe! Your service was great and I think I'll be stopping by again! So proud that this is really in Jamaica! Great job guys, keep it up!
Terrisann Brooks
love clickmarket, bought back to school text books etc.. and within 2 days, sign, seal and delivered. I shop for friends too, and the same thing, they were happy. and I love the fact, I didn't had a long line to join in the bookstores.
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