24 Ct. 500ml Top Shelf Alkaline Spring Water

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500ml Top Shelf Alkaline Spring Water 24 pack while supplies last!

Here in Jamaica, tropical rain slowly filters through ancient volcanic rock formations before accumulating in an aquifer deep within God’s green earth. As it filters, the water absorbs the vital naturally alkaline minerals that give Top Shelf Alkaline Spring Water its unique, soft, smooth texture and taste sensations, combined with naturally occurring electrolytes that are at higher levels than other domestic and imported brands of bottled water. Gravity drives mineral-rich water down to our underground collection pool from where it is solar power pumped 650 feet up mountain slope.  At which point, it is transported to our BSJ Bureau of Standards Jamaica approved bottling plant where Top Shelf is packaged for your healthful drinking pleasure. Jamaica's Top Shelf spring water is the world’s only genuine cold filtered alkaline spring water with a chemistry of +pH8, 270 TDS and containing 5 of the 6 alkaline minerals known to man. These and other Volcanic Minerals include healthfully productive levels of Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium & Sulfur among other trace elements which, collectively, are not found in any other brand of bottled water sold worldwide.


Multi-Gold-Award Winning Top Shelf Alkaline Spring Water

Product discription:

  • Naturally Alkaline spring water size 500ml
  • Contains vital minerals and Electrolites
  • Fresh from Stamford Hill, Gold Mine District, St.Catherine
  • Multi-Gold Award winning taste spring water
  • Very refreshing Silky Smooth Texture and Taste Sensations
  • pH 8.0 alkaline balance
  • Natural mineral electrolytes
  • Better cell absorption than any other water brand
  • 100% natural – nothing added and nothing taken away.
  • Aids the body in cell-detoxing
  • Counterbalances an acidic pH
  • No Harsh Reverse Osmosis processing or ionization
  • No electrolysis
  • No added artificial sweeteners or colors
  • No chemical additives
  • No sugar, No fat, Zero calories
  • No preservatives
  • Pure Drinking pleasure
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