Visa Bring it Home Promotion

Bring It Home with Visa and CoolMarket


The past three months have been challenging as we battled the COVID19 pandemic. We’ve noticed an increase in demand for groceries and other essential items both for parents and working professionals.


That’s why we have partnered with VISA to offer some moral and financial support, during these challenging times. Shop for groceries and other essentials online at and get $7,000 off your next purchase. Stock up on essentials without leaving home, and we will deliver your items straight to your door, in 2 business days.


This is our way of giving back to our community while encouraging Jamaicans to exercise caution, as we adjust to our new norm.


With Visa and CoolMarket, bringing it home is a breeze!

How It Works

What happy customers have to say


Q.     Can I use a discount code for my purchase?

Ans. This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other offer, rewards points, gift certificates, or discounts.


Q.     Can I combine my vouchers on a future purchase?

Ans. Only one voucher per transaction is allowed, when redeeming.


Q.     Will I be able to redeem my voucher if I miss the redemption period due to unforeseen circumstances?

Ans. Regrettably, we will not be able to activate unclaimed vouchers, once the redemption period has passed.


Q.     Can I use the voucher along with my VISA card for future purchases?

Ans. You may use your voucher along with any payment of your choice, however, we urge you to use your VISA card for perks and rewards from your issuing bank.


Q.     If someone transfers their voucher to me, can I use it for a 1st-time purchase?

Ans. The voucher is only valid on repeat purchases


Q.     Do I still earn points under this promotion?

Ans. Yes, all CoolMarket purchases are eligible for earning rewards points. 


Q.     Can I use my voucher as part payment?

Ans. You may use your voucher as a part payment along with any other payment method.



  1. Shop for groceries and any other product on and get a $7,000 voucher when you spend $14,000 or more.
  2. Promotion runs until September 30, 2020.
  3. The promotion is open to all VISA cardholders (credit and debit).
  4. Non-VISA purchases will be ineligible. 
  5. Must be legal residents of Jamaica and registered CoolMarket customers at least 18 years old to be eligible.
  6. Customers are allowed 1 voucher per qualifying order of $ 14,000, per month.
  7. Eligible customers will be contacted via email within 48 hrs and discount vouchers sent electronically to the email address used to register on CoolMarket, within 5 business days.
  8. Unclaimed vouchers will be retained by CoolMarket.
  9. Vouchers may be used towards any purchase on and valid until October 31, 2020.
  10. Vouchers cannot be combined with any other offer, gift certs, or discount or rewards points.
  11. Vouchers are transferable and may only be used on repeat purchases.
  12. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.