Coolmarket Customer Service Policy


We believe that our customers are our highest priority. For us, a customer is anyone we do business with - sellers, buyers, partners, visitors to our site, the general public that asks us for information, all Jamaicans and everyone with whom we interact. It's a broad definition, but we like it that way because just like our parents taught us - we should be nice to everyone, all the time.

Coolmarket commitments

  • Being nice to everyone, all the time. 

  • Be truthful.

  • Show respect whether you are getting it or not.

  • Make the customer happy. If you can't, let someone else try.

  • Giving customer care a high management priority.

  • Developing values and practices on customer care which are shared across the organization and communicated effectively.

  • Setting out the good practices necessary to achieve those values in a way that supports a culture of service and caring.

  • Encouraging all employees to optimize their use of existing resources in delivering services and customer care.

  • Providing customer care training for all our employees.

  • Regularly monitoring our customer care strategy to ensure that the needs of all our customers, sellers, employees, partners and other stakeholders are met.

  • Providing a clear, accessible process for any customer to comment or complain about any aspect of our service.

 Every customer is entitled to

  • A high standard of service.

  • Be listened to when they comment or complain about a product or service.

  • A sensitive response to their needs.

  • A rapid response to their complaints.

  • A courteous response to their inquiries.

  • Continuous attention by us to their satisfaction.

  • Be consulted to learn their views on the services they receive and on the way they are treated as customers.

  • To have a clear and accessible complaints procedure in place for all Coolmarket services.


 Dealing with Customer Contacts

Coolmarket has a customer contact procedure to help customers comment on its services and give guidance to staff on how to deal with customer contacts. We will promote and make accessible our primary customer support email address at Customers may use this email address to:

  • ask questions about a service or product·

  • make comments on a service or product·

  • share compliments on a service or product·

  • make complaints about a service or product.

Coolmarket has adopted a procedure for dealing with each of these situations.

Access to the Procedure

Coolmarket's customer contact form is available to anyone seeking, receiving or affected by the services provided by CMO, or to anyone acting on their behalf.

Coolmarket's customer contact form and other helpful advice is available online at and by calling our primary phone number at +1 (876) 618 - 4553 .  Coolmarket will ensure that links to the contact form are properly promoted on the website and that within the footer of the site a persistent link exists at all times.


a. Questions

 Every effort should be made to deal with questions from customers immediately upon receipt at the first point of contact. If you are not satisfied with the response you have been given by a member of our staff, you may request and you will receive access to someone else who may assist you. If your query cannot be resolved right away, your contact information may be requested so that someone may contact you once the situation is resolved.

Queries received via email should receive a response immediately from our personalized auto-reply service. However, an actual response should be given within 24 hours.

 b. Comments

We will deal with comments at the first point of contact. Many comments will be statements or points of information and may not require a response. If they do require a response we will ensure that  it is dealt with quickly and within the Customer Care guidelines and normal service procedures. Your comment will be acknowledged if it is directed to us directly. However, comments left on our Social Media portals such as Facebook or Twitter may not elicit a response unless it deals with a specific customer service issue. 

c. Compliments

Satisfied customers who take the trouble to compliment Coolmarket on its service will receive an acknowledgement and indication of what action has been taken as a result. For example that thanks and appreciation has been passed on to the staff who provided the service concerned.

d. Complaints


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by CMO, its employees, sellers, partners, another buyer or any stakeholder affecting an individual customer or group of customers.

A complaint does not include:-

Requests for service·

Requests for information or explanation of Coolmarket's policy or practice


Coolmarket’s Complaints Procedure has three stages. Regular monitoring reports are prepared for information and to ensure that any necessary action is taken.

Stage 1 – At the point of service delivery

The initial point of service delivery is our website at Any complaints received will normally be received via email, our contact form or from a phone call. This means that the complaint will normally be received quickly and an equally quick response is expected by you the customer. We will endeavor to get it right the first time but if we can't we will escalate to someone who can. 

Stage 2 – within relevant Department/area

Some complaints are specific to certain functions and may be passed along to that functional area for speedy handling. Prior to providing a general stage 1 response an assessment must be made to determine if further investigation is required.

The complaint will then be investigated fully and objectively by the area concerned or an appropriate person nominated to do so. You will be told who is dealing with your complaint, kept informed about progress and action being taken if the review of the complaint is likely to take more than a few days.

Stage 3 – by the Managing Director

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with stage 1 and 2 handling of your complaint, you may ask that the complaint be considered by the Managing Director (MD). The MD, or an appropriate person nominated, will consider the complaint and gather any information they require in order that they can review the handling of the complaint. The customer will be kept informed of action taken, who is responsible and when a response can be expected.

You, the customer will be  informed in writing of the outcome of the complaint. Where there are unavoidable delays (i.e. staff holidays, sickness etc.) you will be informed of these and of the revised timetable.  The MD’s resolution is final.

Customer Care Standards – replying in writing

Customer queries will be acknowledged within 2 working days, written replies will be completed and posted within 5 working days. Emails will normally be acknowledged within 1 working day, with a full reply in 5 working days.

If a reply cannot be sent within that limit, an update letter/e-mail will be sent, within 5 working days, explaining the delay and indicating when a full reply will be received.

You may also receive an update via telephone or email.

Monitoring Customer Feedback, Complaints and Compliments

All verbal, electronic or written complaints, and their outcomes, will be recorded in an appropriate manner, so that records can be subsequently analyzed. If you call or email our customer support channels it is probable and likely that your call or email will be recorded and kept on file.  These recordings and emails will be subject to our privacy policy. 

We will from time to time monitor the following:

  • number and nature of complaints relating to each service

  • dates of receipt and dates of responses

  • number of complaints dealt with at stages one, two, three and four

  • performance in meeting the timescale set out for each stage of the


  • time spent on dealing with complaints at stages two and three

  • outcome of complaints at each stage, i.e. upheld, not upheld,


  • level of customer satisfaction with the way Coolmarket has handled

    their complaint

  • details of the complainant to enable monitoring under equalities


Coolmarket's use of complaints information: 

  • as an opportunity to find out about customers’ problems and dissatisfaction·

  • as a means of measuring the quality of the services we currently provide and customer satisfaction

  • to improve the services provided and to identify gaps in the provision of services

  • to improve relationships with their customers

Billing Issues

  1. Once a billing issue has been brought to our attention we will act promptly to investigate and resolve it. 

  2. Our goal is to alleviate any stress and inconvenience so billing issues will be made a priority in our support queue. 

  3. If it becomes clear that we have made an error in billing we will promptly credit your account.

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