Living in Bliss: The Practice of Happiness by Linton S. Smith

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Living in Bliss: The Practice of Happiness by Linton S. Smith

Living in Bliss: The Practice of Happiness by Linton S. Smith

Product Description:

Living in BLISS is the roadmap to finding and living your unique
purpose now!

Shift the paradigm - Be, do, have.

Be happy today. The tool is in your hand!

About the Author:

Linton Smith is a Jamaican Parenting Coach, Public Spaker and the developer of the
strength-based Delta Learning System. For over 35 years he has worked as a therapist in
the Human Resources department of diverse industries.

His motto: "Everyone is gifted, differently"

Living in Bliss: The Practice of Happiness by Linton S. Smith

Book Review: Living in Bliss By Nicola A. Cunningham

Have you ever wondered how to harness the power of positive self-talk? Well, unlike many other books that simply quote a bunch of scriptures and believe that will be enough to give their readers adequate motivation to uplift themselves and go off and conquer the world, ‘Living in Bliss provides an actual guide on a wide cross-section of subject areas. From finding one’s purpose; personality traits and happiness to emotional intelligence and how it affects one’s ability to achieve true enlightenment and happiness,  ‘Living in Bliss: the Practice of Happiness’ contains step-by-step instructions on how exactly one can persevere in situations that otherwise may to challenging to most.
Generally the word ‘inspiration’ gets thrown around a lot and is used rather loosely to describe practically any and everything that is remotely positive. After delving into the pages of Linton Smith’s book, it was evident not only that he had a certified gold mine on his hands but that this publication is a game changer.
Smith provides examples and tidbits from other sources, giving credit whenever it is due which highlights that the book is a compilation not only of his own views and philosophies but others for whom there has already been tried, tested, and proven paths to success. Interestingly he noted that success itself is different for every individual and that having bankrolls of money alone is not the true definition of success. History has many stories of super-wealthy people who have put guns in their mouths and made interesting cranial wallpaper out of their brains. Money has never bought anyone happiness. It has to be accompanied by the mental if not the testicular fortitude of things and factors that give meaning to life. There has to be purpose behind purchases or else it is all mere forms of propaganda and smoking mirrors.
 'Living in Bliss’ therefore is a good guide for someone who needs that extra push in life as the stories are relatable and the style of writing is pleasant without being pedestrian. Indeed, it will make a great gift idea for anyone seeking a new path where the old one probably left them in an emotional or financial ditch.

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