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High-up in the 1,882 ft. elevation volcanic mountain range of Central Jamaica, tropical rain slowly filters through mineral-rich volcanic rock formations before condensing in an underground collection pool deep within God’s green earth. As it slowly filters the water absorbs the vital alkaline minerals that give Top Shelf Alkaline Spring Water its unique, soft, smooth texture and taste sensations combined with naturally occurring electrolytes of higher concentrations not found in other domestic and imported brands of Spring or Puriifed bottled water.  From there it is solar pumped 650 feet up steep mountain slope and then shipped to our BSJ Bureau of Standards Jamaica approved bottling plant where Top Shelf is packaged in a variety of container sizes for your drinking pleasure. Top Shelf spring water is the world’s only genuine cold filtered Naturally alkaline spring water with a chemistry of +pH8, 270 TDS  containing 5 of the 6 alkaline minerals known to man. These Volcanic Minerals include healthfully productive levels of Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium & Sulfur among other trace elements which  collectively are not found in any other brand of bottled water sold worldwide. Drink to your health and come back for more.

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